In Dash Gasoline Fume Detector MGD-1


In Dash Gasoline Fume Detector

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In Dash Gasoline Fume Detector – Gas Fume, Fire, Bilge Water Alarms Features

  • Provides protection against accidents caused by Gas/Propane spills or leaks. Remote sensor monitors bilge/engine compartment during and after fueling. Install sensor in galley or LP tank locker to protect against propane leaks.
  • Sight and Sound Alarm Indicator. Dual signaling sounds an alarm and activates warning light.
  • Marine Proven. Exclusively designed for the harsh marine environment.
  • Smart Sensor. Detects the build up of explosive gases.
  • On/Off/Test. For one touch analysis of detector performance.
  • Money Saving. Qualify for marine insurance discounts.

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In Dash Gasoline Fume Detector Operating Specifications

  • Power 12 vDC, operational range +/- 15%
  • 200 milliamp (.2 amp.) current draw
  • Alarm Trigger: 20% or less of the lower explosive limit of gasoline, propane and CNG
  • Fumes Detected: Gasoline, hydrogen from batteries, propane, alcohol, acetone, CNG and other explosive vapors
  • Size: Fits standard 2-1/8′ in dash panel blank