The Ohio Fire Marshal’s Office said Thursday there is no evidence of foul play in a blast that leveled a home on Congress Street and severely burned a man.

Investigators poured through the rubble of the two-story home that has been in the family for generations. A backhoe was used to help investigators look for clues.

Marion Fire Chief Chuck Deem said he has never seen such destruction.

“It was a balloon frame house and the four walls all fell out and then the center collapsed straight down,” said Deem.

“I am actually a little surprised there is not more damage to adjacent homes. Damage there appears to be pretty minor,” said Deem.

Neighbor Kim Toy said, “it was just a huge ball of fire. Shot all the way across the street.”

Neighbors said the man who lived there was taking care of the place for his mother who had recently moved to a nursing home.

“If the man was burned as badly as people are saying then that is a horrible thing,” Toy said.

So far the name of the victim has not officially been released. He is recovering after being flown by medical helicopter to a Columbus hospital.

No cause for the explosion and fire has been determined.

Columbia Gas released a statement:

Upon arrival and under the direction of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, we conducted a thorough investigation of our natural gas mains and service lines that serve the area and confirmed that they are safe. We are fully cooperating with authorities as they complete their investigations.

Crews removed a gas stove and gas heater from the home for further examination. Neighbors said they heard the blast for blocks.