Easton, WA – Five people are expected to be okay after a cabin explosion and fire in western Kittitas County Monday.

Fire crews from Kittitas County Fire Districts 3 and 7 responded, as well as first responders from Medic 931, Medic 991 and the Kittitas County Sheriff’s Office.

According to fire officials, the five people were able to walk about a mile from the explosion in an effort to get to first responders and get treatment.

The condition of each person is not known, but fire officials said all are expected to recover.

Officials said it appeared the fire and cabin explosion was caused by a propane tank. They said it is important for people to remember to always keep propane tank vents clear of snow and ice.

They also said people need to remember if a vehicle can’t be driven to the front door of the home or building, fire crews will be delayed in getting in to rescue people or save a structure from burning.