Tulsa, OK  — The Rogers County Sheriff’s Office says a mother and her baby are in grave condition after their home exploded Saturday morning.

Deputies were initially called to the home near East 580 Road and South 4170 Road in Inola around 11 a.m.

The 28-year-old woman and her 8-month-old baby were inside the “tiny home” when it exploded. Deputies say they were life flighted to a Tulsa hospital in grave condition with life threatening injuries.

The small home, which sits in the backyard of a house, was destroyed. Debris from the explosion hit the main house, but it was otherwise not damaged. The explosion ignited a fire on a steel garage next to the tiny home.

The woman had two dogs. One is OK and walked away with singed hair. The other smaller dog has not been found at this time, but was believed to be inside at the time of the explosion.

Deputies say the Fire Marshal is investigating, but it appears the explosion was caused by a gas or propane tank leak.

Inola Fire Department, Justus-Tiawah Fire Department, Pafford EMS, Claremore Air Evac Life Team and RCSO all responded to the scene. The sheriff’s office called their patrol officers, Criminal Investigations Unit, reserve officers and Chaplain Corps to assist.

The woman has not been publicly identified yet since not all family has been notified.