Durham, NC – The Durham Housing Authority is doing emergency inspections Friday for carbon monoxide exposure at a public housing apartment complex.

The inspections are happening at McDougald Terrace. Officials say there have been multiple reports of carbon monoxide exposure in the last month at the complex.

Inspectors found carbon monoxide in one of the apartments they checked on Friday morning. The woman who lived there was taken to the hospital.

The housing authority continued the inspections into the afternoon.

EMS officials said there were seven reports of suspiciously high carbon monoxide readings at McDougald Terrace in the last few weeks.

There was one definite poisoning of a child earlier this week, officials said.

The Durham Fire Department, EMS and Durham Neighborhood Improvement Services are out at the complex to assist with the inspections and make sure everyone is safe.

“It’s very concerning, being a parent it was scary because I have, you know, four little children of my own and I wouldn’t want it to happen to my children, so I’m glad they’re coming to check, but it was very scary here,” said resident Ashlee Craig.

The fire department has four teams out at the complex that are going out to check all the apartments.

They hope to get most of the inspections done Friday.