Lucasville, OH – A mother’s time in the tub was interrupted by an explosion at her home.

Samantha Brewer says she’d just put her kids to bed Monday night and was taking a shower at her home on Salt Creek Road in Lucasville when she heard and felt an explosion.

“The whole house shook,” she said. “I started screaming ‘What was that?’”

Her boyfriend Derrick Harshberger was playing a video game when it happened.

“I started drying off and threw a tanktop and my underwear on and opened the door,” Brewer said. “That’s when I smelled the propane, and we all just ran outside.”

After everyone got out safely, they watched their home go up in flames.

“Seeing everything I worked so hard for, my kids loved so much, being gone, it definitely hurts,” Brewer said.

“I guess when I turned the water on, a whole bunch of bad things happened at the same time,” Brewer said.

The water heater that exploded was located next to her daughter’s bedroom.

“It’s definitely a blessing she was able to get out,” Brewer said.

“It could’ve been a lot worse,” Brewer said. “We were all safe, and that’s the biggest thing.”

The family is staying with relatives while they look for a new home.