Lubbock, TX – One person has died, another person poisoned after a carbon monoxide exposure at a home in North Lubbock, according to officials with Lubbock Fire Rescue.

71-year-old Santiago Rodriguez was found unresponsive by his son inside a home near 3rd and Flint. LFR reports said the son went to the residence to check on his parents when he forced entry after nobody answered. Investigators say his mother was crawling towards the door and he was able to get her outside of the house. After he went back inside, that’s when he found his Rodriguez in the bedroom.

Lubbock police and fire arrived on scene and immediately started treating the female victim. She was transported to the hospital.

Investigators say it was carbon monoxide build up from a gas stove and wall heater being used to heat the home. LFR reports they did not have a carbon monoxide detector. LFR reports there were 72 parts per million of carbon monoxide in the house, a potentially fatal reading.