Beaverton, OR – Two individuals — one with life-threatening injuries — were transported from Beaverton to a local hospital Tuesday afternoon, June 9, with what appeared to be carbon monoxide poisoning.

Capt. Timothy Nokes, a spokesperson for Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue, said firefighters and police officers responded to the incident around 2:08 p.m. at 10850 S.W. Fifth St., in the Denney Whitford/Raleigh West neighborhood of Beaverton.

“One patient was unconscious, unable to move on his own and one patient basically staggered outside with the help of Beaverton (police) who got here just prior to us,” said Nokes, noting that the call initially came in as a cardiac arrest.

Firefighters from Station 65, which serves West Slope, arrived “moments later” and carried the unconscious person out of the building.

A third person in the building at the time of the incident declined medical attention.

Nokes said the initial team of firefighters found carbon monoxide levels above 200 ppm, a fatal level if inhaled over a period of time.

Carbon monoxide is clear, odorless and tasteless. In high concentrations, it can be both difficult to detect and deadly.

In addition to Beaverton police, about 25 fire personnel were on the scene, as well as the fire district’s Hazardous Materials Team.

“The source itself has not been determined, but power and gas have all been turned off to the building to eliminate any other possible sources,” Nokes said at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday.

While rescue personnel initially set up 200-foot perimeter around the building, business owners were allowed to return later in the afternoon and the road was reopened, said Nokes. There were conflicting details about the nature of the business and who owned it or if it was being leased out, he said.