Augusta, ME – In wake of last year’s tragic explosion at the LEAP, Inc. building in Farmington, lawmakers in Augusta are looking to increase safety measures.

A public hearing was held Wednesday on a bill aimed at getting propane and natural gas detectors into more buildings across the state.

Detectors would be required for multi-family buildings, children’s homes, hotels, and more.

Bill sponsor Rep. Lois Reckitt, D-South Portland, says it’s about ensuring the safety of our communities.

“When I’ve talked to people about this bill, most people have had no idea that there was first of all, no regulations, and (b), that these detectors were available, and they were very inexpensive,” said Reckitt.

But the State Fire Marshal’s Office says enforcement would be difficult.

“We support the increased safety but have some concerns about the ability to enforce these requirements,” said Assistant State Fire Marshal Richard McCarthy.

This bill does not apply to single family homes, but Reckitt encourages people to get detectors for your own homes. They can go for as low as $20.