Tulsa, Oklahoma -Tulsa Firefighters said one person has died due to carbon monoxide poisoning at a Tulsa apartment  complex.

Firefighters said this happened at the Woodland Park apartments near 73rd Street and Garnett Tuesday morning.
Firefighters said a resident called 911 around 3:30 a.m. Tuesday morning saying her Carbon Monoxide alarm was going off.
When firefighters arrived, they used their CO readers and determined levels were unsafe; so, they evacuated the building.
Later, they found the garage which had levels around 500 parts-per-million; crews said they would evacuate a building if the numbers were in the teens. So, these numbers were extremely high.
Firefighters said the resident, Eden Ecklund, who called them did the right thing and likely saved a lot of lives.
“One of the firemen said if I wouldn’t have called we all could be dead right now in our apartments because no one else’s alarms were going off, just mine” said Ecklund.
Firefighters said this is a reminder to have a carbon monoxide detector and always check to make sure it’s working.