Boston Township, MI – No one injured after a propane explosion at a home in Ionia County early Wednesday morning.

Authorities were called around 3:10 a.m. Wednesday to a home in the 8600 block of Elm Lane, just off of Bluewater Highway, in Boston Township.

The homeowner, Joshua Miles, said he, his wife and three children all made it out of their home safely. An explosion at their regulator to their propane tank which heats their home.

Miles said he ran outside and shut off the propane to prevent a larger explosion.

Saranac Community Fire Chief Tim Simmons told News 8 that the Miles family is lucky to have survived the explosion. He said he believes the home is a total loss.

Fire crews are still investigating the explosion, which blew off the mobile home’s entire skirting and burned the floor. They say the tank leaked 20 pounds overnight.