Natural Gas/Propane (LP) Gas Alarm


Natural Gas / Propane (LP) Gas Alarm

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This Safe-T-Alert™ gas detector uses the latest microprocessor technology. This detector has been tested and listed as a Propane and Methane (Natural Gas) detector. When the alarm senses a natural gas or propane gas leak, an LED indicator light will change color and an 85 dB alarm will alert you.

Natural Gas / Propane (LP) Gas Alarm Features

  • Easy plug-in installation. Includes 6 ft. line cord to plug-in the wall.
  • Advanced Technology. Alarm Mute button silences alarm while RV is ventilated. Rapid recovery sensor resets when silenced or reactivates alarm if dangerous levels of Propane remain.
  • Durable. Built for the extreme RV environment.
  • Approved. Meets RVIA/NFPA requirements.
  • Listed to UL 1484 Unconditioned Areas.
  • Long Life, Self Cleaning Sensor. Maintenance free built-in sensor.
  • Loud 85 dB Alarm. Alerts you to the presence of hazardous propane vapors.
  • Detects LP Gas/Propane and Natural Gas.

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Natural Gas / Propane (LP) Gas Alarm Operating Specifications

  • Listed To: UL® 1484 Residential and Unconditioned Areas Gas Detector
  • Alarm Point: < 25% LEL of Propane
  • Operating Temperature: -31° F to +150° F
Where to Install Commercial and Home
NATURAL GAS – To detect Natural Gas place the detector high, Natural Gas rises.
PROPANE GAS – To detect Propane Gas place the detector low, Propane /LP Gas sinks.