Auburn Hills, MI- Members of a Metro Detroit family who are familiar with the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning, thanks to their jobs, survived it after their furnace malfunctioned.

Michelle Baker is an executive director with the Henry Ford Health System and Jeff Baker is the police chief in Auburn Hills.

The couple’s furnace malfunctioned and a motor went out this winter, but they had no idea.

Michelle Baker woke up feeling sick

“Then I collapsed into the door, and Jeff got up and came to the door and opened it,” she said.

Jeff baker then became disoriented and collapsed.

The couple’s daughters rushed to a store to get carbon monoxide detectors. The detectors showed that there were high levels of the gas in the home.

“The doctor told us, as high as our levels were and as high as the carbon monoxide levels were in our house, we probably wouldn’t have made it a couple hours in this house. We would have been dead,” Jeff Baker said said.

The family now has multiple carbon monoxide detectors in their house, and they hope others will learn from their incident and get detectors as well.

“We’re fortunate. We’re thankful to be here. That’s why we thought it’s important to share this message with other people,” Jeff Baker said.