Greybull, WY – An explosion that destroyed a mobile home and injured one of its adult occupants was likely caused by a natural gas leak, according to Greybull Fire Chief Bill Scott.

Greybull firefighters and police officers responded to the mobile home at 1325 N. Seventh Street at 8:52 p.m. Saturday following a report of an explosion and a fire. The mobile home sits right behind the Wheels Motel, on property owned by Daniel T. Rice.

According to the Greybull Police Department, the first officers on scene detected a strong odor of natural gas coming from the trailer. The four people inside the trailer at the time of the explosion managed to exit safely and were outside when the first responders arrived. One of them, a woman, sustained burns to her face and right hand.

“All parties stated that they had smelled an odor of gas and had to re-light the pilot light on the water heater earlier in the evening,” according to the report.

Scott said a state fire investigator confirmed that a natural gas leak was to blame, but added, “It still hasn’t been determined what, specifically, caused the explosion, in terms of the source that ignited it. It was definitely a large explosion, though.

“The fire investigator emphasized how lucky we were that more gas wasn’t involved, given the close proximity to the Wheels Motel and the other trailer houses.”