Ann Arbor, MI  — Firefighters prevented a potentially fatal carbon monoxide incident at a high school this morning, officials said.

At about 2:47 a.m. Nov. 6, six fire engines from the Ann Arbor Fire Department were dispatched to Pioneer High School for a reported carbon monoxide incident.

Several overnight travel trailers were parked at the school for the upcoming University of Michigan football game, officials said, and were running generators in close proximately to each other and the trailers.

Using air monitors, firefighters checked the trailers for carbon monoxide, and moved the generators to a safe distance away from the trailers, officials said.
No injuries were reported in this incident, which could have proven fatal if unchecked, officials said.
A similar event caused the death of three men and the hospitalization of two others on July 17 at the Faster Horses Festival, Ann Arbor fire officials pointed out in a statement released on Facebook.
Fire officials advised anyone using a generator to keep the equipment positioned outside and at least 15 feet away from structures, and to avoid placing generators in clusters.