Topeka, KS – With temperatures rising, more people are boating on area lakes and it could lead to an increase in carbon monoxide if not careful.

Shane McGinley said he stays prepared when he’s driving the boat. He said, “One of the things we always make sure we do with the kids, and anyone if they are in the water, we turn the boat off.”

Bill Williams said all people should be aware of their surroundings in the water.

“If there’s a boat, sitting there running, you shouldn’t be in the water just floating, especially on a calm day.”

Stormont Vail Health Hospital Dr. Curtis McGeeney said there’s another danger that many do not think about, carbon monoxide.

“I think the most important thing is to be aware that it exists,” he said.

Dr. McGeeney said a way that carbon monoxide builds and effects people is by letting the boat motor run while moving slowly or not at all.

He also said the swimming platform can be concerning.

“Under no circumstances should a swimmer go underneath the swim platform where the carbon monoxide has a high likelihood to accumulate.”

“I think any patient with suspected carbon monoxide poisoning or toxicity should seek medical care immediately.”

McGinley understands there’s a time to play but boating needs constant focus.

“Safety should always be the most important thing. You want everyone to have fun, have a good time but if you’re the guy in charge of the boat, you’re in charge of everyone on the boat.”
McGeeney said if you feel any symptoms while boating to leave the area immediately, get fresh air and contact the nearest emergency services.

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