Detroit, MI – A family living on Detroit’s east side has a warning for families this holiday season after their faulty furnace sent them to the hospital.

Fire officials said it’s something that happens more often in the winter.

Lakeshia Thomas and her children, 3-year-old Aden and 1-year-old Chastity, were sleeping early Saturday morning when Thomas heard something beeping. It was the carbon monoxide detector. She quickly got her children dressed and outside the home.

Detroit fire crews and emergency medical service workers were at the house within minutes.

“The fire department man told us we had go to the hospital because the levels were too high,” Thomas said. “He told us had we been there any longer, by morning, we wouldn’t have made it.”

The family spent hours on oxygen at St. John’s Hospital.

Thomas said she didn’t know the furnace was leaking or that the chimney was clogged, sending dangerous fumes into their home.

“It was scary. What if it didn’t go off?” Thomas asked. “What if we didn’t wake up?”

Thomas is hoping her story will serve as a reminder to others during the cold winter months.

“Everyone should know where the carbon monoxide meter is and check the batteries,” Thomas said. “Me and my kids should be a lesson to everyone.”

She is thankful her babies were not hurt and is grateful to Detroit’s emergency responders.

“Thanks to chief, you saved me and my kids’ lives tonight,” Thomas said.