North Huntingdon, PA – An elderly couple died from carbon monoxide poisoning inside their home on Thursday.

According to North Huntingdon Police, a family member was unable to make contact with his parents, Joseph and Freda Polinski, so he drove to their home in the 700 block of Altman Street. When he arrived, he found them inside.

The carbon monoxide levels inside the home registered 100 times over a safe level. Investigators found a car running in the garage and believe it was the likely source of the carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide symptoms can occur quickly and without warning.

“Nausea, dizziness fatigue will set in, and in serious situations death,” said Westmoreland City Fire Department Chief Mike Doshen.

There was a smoke detector in the home. However, it is not known if it was up to date. Experts say you should check the back of your detector to make sure it is current.