Houston, TX – A husband and wife who were found dead from carbon monoxide poisoning at a southeast Houston residence Wednesday night have been identified.

Police said the couple had recently moved into the home and were using a generator for power. According to officers, they believe the man and woman died from carbon monoxide poisoning from the generator.

Arthur Williams told KPRC 2 that Mary, who is in her 60s, is his mother and Louis is his stepfather. Arthur said the couple moved into the home about a month ago.

“I am not doing too good. It’s a sad story, you know they got caught in the fumes. It’s a sad moment,” Arthur said. “That is my mama. It’s shocking to me. I can’t believe it.”

Arthur said the last time he spoke to his mother was yesterday.

“We was talking and I kissed her and I told her I loved her, and she knows I love her from the bottom of my heart and I am always going to love her,” Arthur said. “I ain’t really think that a generator would take my mama away like that.”