Atlanta, GA — It was a late-night knock on the door that was all too familiar for residents at the 3200 Apartments in Buckhead.

“And now this morning at 4 a.m. we had to evacuate,” said resident Julio Chavez” who for the second time this week woke up to the Atlanta fire department at his door, telling him to evacuate his apartment due to a carbon monoxide leak in the building.

The leak, located along Lenox Road NE, comes just days after residents were evacuated for a similar carbon monoxide leak on Sunday.

Chavez said a female resident was taken to the hospital as a result of the leak and a man was taken to the hospital just three days ago for the same issue.

Chavez and other neighbors say these problems happen too frequently at the apartment.

Fire investigators would not comment on the cause behind the carbon monoxide leak what caused the carbon monoxide leak, but said residents were able to return to their homes and that the gas powering hot water heaters throughout the building was shut off.

But for Julio, it’s not enough.

“We’re moving out, our lease is up in march and so we have already started looking at places because we can’t be living like this.”