New York, NY – A defective boiler is being eyed as the cause of a carbon monoxide incident that sickened eight people Thursday in the Bronx.

The FDNY responded shortly before 8 a.m. to a building on Lurting Avenue.

Eight people suffered non-life-threatening injuries. Four people were taken to the hospital, four others were treated on the scene.

“My sister just wakes me up,” tenant Julio Mazara told CBS2’s Dave Carlin. “Then, she says it’s the boiler, and everything is just smoky black in my room. The next room is my brother’s room, and his room is darker than my room. So then when I check and I go back to my room, now it’s getting darker in my room, and my niece is there – and my niece is a baby, that’s what freaked me out.”

Department of Buildings inspectors were on the scene and issued a cease use order for the boiler.

Officials said it passed an inspection last November.