Portland, OR – A boat that caught fire Saturday afternoon at DiMillo’s Marina was towed by the Portland Fire Department into the harbor, where the flames were extinguished, but the boat is likely unsalvageable, fire officials reported.

No one was injured in the fire, which started around 5 p.m. at the fuel pump at DiMillo’s dock, said Deputy Fire Chief Kevin McGuire.

The fire is still under investigation. But McGuire said the boat was done refueling when it caught fire. He said at least one person was on the boat when the fire started and several people were in the area.

The department’s fireboat first pulled the flaming boat 100 feet off DiMillo’s dock, then extinguished the fire, McGuire said. The boat was then towed by the fireboat to Spring Point Marina, where it was put on a trailer, McGuire reported.

“The fireboat pulled it far enough away to remove the risk to any other boats and the dock. It was pretty much over in 30 minutes,” McGuire said.