Amherst, NH — New Hampshire fire investigators are trying to figure out what caused a home in Amherst, New Hampshire to burst into flames right after construction was completed.

The owners were just getting ready to do the final walk through to get the certificate of occupancy. The witnesses we talked to say they all heard an explosion and then started seeing the flames. The home was recently completed and just getting ready for its final walk through.

The lakefront home is now a pile of debris.

Matthew Benoit was working at another house nearby.

“Flames above those trees – 20 feet. Smoke, up there,” said Benoit.

Several people in the area told us they heard an explosion before the fire. “Out of nowhere there was just a big explosion. Just blew up the whole front of the house. The doors and windows are in the lake,” said Benoit.

One of Benoit’s co-workers, who is also an Amherst volunteer firefighter, ran over to help.

Amherst Fire & Rescue Chief Matthew Conley told us when he arrived, the fire was already engulfing the house. It appears there was at least one explosion. Many of the homes in the area use propane. There are no natural gas lines in the area.

“The damage would be indicative of something like that taking place. You don’t need me to tell you the back side of the house is severely damaged,” said Conley.

Amherst and several other communities spent close to an hour trying to get the fire under control. The homeowners converted an old cottage on the property into a full sized home for other family members. The homeowners have another home on the same property.

“Just thankful everyone is okay,” said Benoit.

The fire chief told us one of the people doing some final work on the home suffered a burn to his arm area. That person was sent to the hospital and classified as a minor injury.

None of the firefighters were hurt.