Nashville, TN – Four people were taken to the hospital after “a suspected Carbon Monoxide incident” at the Hermitage on Monday morning.

The incident happened at the home of the seventh President Andrew Jackson.

Three people were initially taken to the hospital after experiencing mild symptoms related to a suspected Carbon Monoxide exposure.

A short time later, a fourth person was taken to the hospital.

The Hermitage is closed to the public on Monday through Wednesday.

The cause of the Carbon Monoxide incident is unknown at this time.

A spokesperson with Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage released the following statement:

On Monday, October 5, there was a Carbon Monoxide incident in The Hermitage’s Visitor Center. Thankfully, no visitors were on the property since we are currently closed Monday-Wednesday. A few staff members were experiencing mild symptoms and, in an abundance of caution, have been transported to a nearby hospital. Our HVAC company and Nashville Fire Department are evaluating what happened, and we hope to have the issue resolved quickly. We are still planning to open on Wednesday, October 7 for regularly scheduled Ghost Tours.