Lake Lanier, GA – The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office has identified the men who suffered from carbon monoxide exposure at Lake Lanier on Saturday.

The two men who died from carbon monoxide exposure have been identified as Scott Landeck, 22, and Brian Landeck, 31, both of Cumming.

The two men, along with a third family member, slept on their boat Friday night at one of the Lake Lanier islands. On Saturday morning, other family members found that the two were unresponsive, and they towed the boat back to Mary Alice Park where they met local law enforcement.

The third man who slept on the boat was disoriented and sent to a local hospital for treatment.

After an inspection of the boat, officers determined that a generator within the boat’s cabin was positioned in a way that exhaust from the machine could not escape the cabin where the three men were sleeping.