Franklin County, PA — Fifteen Chambersburg Kohl’s employees are in the hospital after a carbon monoxide incident took place Thursday morning.

According to the Chambersburg Fire Chief Dustin Ulrich, around 9:30 a.m. police responded to a report of an unresponsive individual. The Chambersburg Fire Department also responded and upon arrival, responders noticed their carbon monoxide tester was going off on their equipment.

The store was evacuated and all employees were tested for carbon monoxide. Twenty-four workers tested positive and fourteen were taken to either Chambersburg or Waynesboro hospitals.

When the unresponsive employee woke up, they were tested for carbon monoxide. Due to the level being so high, they were flown to a hospital in Baltimore. The conditions of those involved are unknown at this time.

According to Chief Ulrich, the store was going through renovations overnight. The crew was using propane-powered construction equipment that was not proper for the environment, which led to the carbon monoxide incident.

The following departments and agencies assisted on the scene: Chambersburg Fire and EMS Department, Penn State Health EMS, Fayetteville Fire Department EMS, Marion Fire Department EMS, and building code officials.