Clay County, TN – A group of people in Clay County were transported to the Cumberland County Hospital in Kentucky after minor cases of carbon monoxide poisoning Tuesday morning.

Clay County Emergency Medical Services received a call around 5:30 a.m. Tuesday about a group of people experiencing carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms at the Holly Creek Marina, said Clay County EMS Director Natalie Boone.

“They were renting a houseboat out on the marina,” Boone said. “So when we (EMS crews) got out there, we used ski boats to get them onto the dock. Then we transported them to the hospital from there.”

Five patients were children, and five were adults.

“I think these are minor cases of carbon monoxide poisoning,” Boone said. “One person was even treated and released on the scene.”

Clay County, Overton County and Jackson County emergency crews worked together to transport the patients, Boone said.