Rogers, AR — Rogers Fire Chief Tom Jenkins said the victim was airlifted and has significant burns. The call came in just before 9 p.m. on Elzeys Road on Saturday night, where crews say the structure collapsed.

“I was just getting done eating and we heard this big huge bang,” John Dryja said.

“She was taking a shower and she was crouched down and her feet were all burnt up and stuff,” Dryja said.

He said his neighbor Nate also ran inside to help her escape.

“They weren’t thinking about themselves, and that’s the type of people that they are. And for the most part, that’s everyone in this neighborhood,” Harold Shriver said.

Meanwhile, neighbor Harold Shriver turned off the propane tank, while his wife and others took care of the victim.

“She was in shock and I just held her hand and told her I was with her the whole entire time,” Valerie Papada said.

As for John, the first on the scene, he said this is what neighbors do for each other.

“Someone needs help, so that’s what I did, it was that simple it didn’t take no thinking,” Dryja said.

Chief Jenkins said propane is a potential cause, but it is still under investigation.

As for the victim, there is no new update on her condition.