Lebanon, MO — One person is in the hospital after a propane tank explosion destroyed a home on Thursday, Feb. 18, at 117 Cedar Crest Drive in Lebanon.

Lebanon Fire Chief Sam Schneider was on scene to help with searching for other victims.

“At this point, we’ve also secured the structure,” said Schneider. “The fire marshals on scene to investigate, we’re fairly confident at this point it was a propane explosion.”

Steve Hemphill, a neighbor of the now-destroyed home for 40 years, said he saw what happened.

“Heard a boom, stuff fell off my wall. I didn’t know what happened. I thought it was my house,” said Hemphill. “I was going through the house checking, neighbor across the street was banging on my door. I went, and she was very hysterical. I’ve known him since he moved in. Elderly gentleman, he kept to himself, very nice, I haven’t heard yet how he is.”

The explosion caused minor damage to two houses nearby. This story will be updated with any new information.