Lincoln, NE – Members of Gamma Phi Beta at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln lined a sidewalk in their pajamas after evacuating their residence due to a faulty water heater Tuesday morning.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Police Department and Lincoln Fire and Rescue responded to a call at Gamma Phi Beta after carbon monoxide alarms were reported at the sorority house at 415 N 16th Street.

The situation was reported around 9 a.m., according to sorority members on the scene, and was resolved at 9:49 a.m. when UNLPD announced the members could reenter the home.

John Sumsion, a patrol sergeant for UNLPD, said the call was standard protocol to come out, investigate and ensure nothing else was wrong at the location.

As soon as members got the okay to reenter Gamma Phi Beta, they erupted in cheers and flooded the entrance of the house back to the warmth inside.