Anchor Point, AK – A natural gas explosion most likely caused a two-story log home near Mile 166 Sterling Highway to be completely destroyed on the evening of Dec. 27, Kachemak Emergency Services Area Fire Chief Bob Cicciarella said this week.

“It’s leaning toward the fact that it was gas related,” he said. “It does not appear it was in the street. It appears it was contained somewhere in the house, but that is not 100-percent determined.”

Natural gas explodes when the level of gas rises to between 4 and 15 percent and is then somehow ignited, ENSTAR Natural Gas Communications Manager Lindsay Hobson said. She and Cicciarella both said such explosions are extremely rare.

The explosion that destroyed the home of the Page family is the first natural gas explosion on the lower Kenai Peninsula since ENSTAR brought natural gas to Homer and Kachemak City in 2013, Cicciarella said. The Kachemak Emergency Service Area has about 30 buildings with natural gas.

The Page family home near Mile 166 Sterling Highway is near the service line that brings gas from the North Fork gas fields along the highway and is in the area first served by gas when the line was extended from Anchor Point in 2013.