Cedarburg, WI – A Cedarburg day care evacuated more than 70 children Thursday after carbon monoxide flooded the KinderCare building.

All 71 of the children are OK. The staff had to evacuate all of the kids — ranging in age from 6 weeks to 4 years old — to an emergency evacuation site at a Walgreens across the street.

Multiple carbon monoxide detectors started sounding at 12:30 p.m., and staff decided to evacuate.

Before firefighters arrived, staff were getting the kids’ coats on and moving them across the street to the Walgreens.

“The alarms went off, and at that point, they made the decision to evacuate the building. Graciously, the Walgreens across the street opened their doors to us and allowed us to bring all of the children over there,” KinderCare district leader Deb Gorman said.

They estimate the entire building was evacuated in five to seven minutes.

Parents were contacted and picked up their children, who were medically cleared on site.

The fire department did find elevated levels of carbon monoxide inside. The two furnaces have been shut down, and the day care center will be closed Friday for repairs.