Hendersonville, TN – A message out of Hendersonville to double check if your kids are safe at school.

Fox17 News was contacted by several parents whose kids were exposed to carbon monoxide while at preschool.

Dozens of kids had to be hospitalized over the weekend, but thankfully have all recovered.

We are told the outbreak of carbon monoxide happened in the toddlers area at Children’s First Preschool in Hendersonville.

On Friday around dinner time, a couple teachers noticed they were feeling funny.

They contacted emergency responders, and it turns out a malfunction in the boiler let off carbon monoxide at the preschool.

At least 28 kids and teachers were treated, some spending 24 hours on oxygen.

“Props to her teacher for kinda, saving the day,” says Mark St. Amour.

His daughter was one of the kids who had to spend the night in the hospital.

“It was hard to figure out is she tired because it’s 9:00 PM, or is she tired because she’s exhibiting signs of carbon monoxide poisoning,” says St. Amour.

According to an email sent to parents, Children’s First Preschool didn’t have detectors.

St. Amour never thought to ask, “It never really crossed my mind.”

Other parents we talked to were shocked to find out Tennessee doesn’t require them in all daycares and schools.

“I was under the impression it was state law,” says another parent who doesn’t want to be identified.

Parents we talked to say Children First preschool is so cautious, and never thought to ask about a detector.

“You don’t think that they are going to get carbon monoxide poisoning when they go to school,” says the mom who doesn’t want to be identified.

But, now they will ask. And encourage other parents to ask as well.

“They are so cheap too, it’s like $17 dollars to put one in your home,” says St. Amour.

A representative from First United Methodist says they have passed all thier safety inspections and are working with thier insurance company for parents who have medical bills.

A statement released to us reads, “Children First is licensed, operated, and inspected regularly by numerous local, state, and regulatory agencies. Children First has been rated a “3-Star” child care facility since the inception of the rating system by the Department of Human Services. This rating is the highest rating given to any child care facility by the State of Tennessee. As part of our ongoing licensing requirements, the local Fire Marshall inspected the daycare as recently as October 2018 and the facility passed their safety inspection. We also received a 3-Star rating from our most recent assessment in September.”

St. Amour says he is thankful the kids are okay, and his daughter’s teacher acted so quickly.

“If she hadn’t of done that, a lot of kids and teachers would have gone untreated and who knows what would have happened,” he says.

A representative from the church says safety has always been on the top of their mind, and in an email sent home to parents they say they are installing detectors.