Minneapolis, MN — The Isanti County Sheriff’s Office says five people are hurt after a house explosion that happened around 5:30 a.m.

The house is on the 33000 block of Hilary Circle Northeast, near the Cambridge airport.

Authorities say everyone did get out of the home, and no critical injuries have been reported. Authorities have found three men and two women — one of which was still inside the house as first responders arrived, in the basement. The other four were found walking around the exterior of the house.

The five that have been found have been taken to area hospitals, two of them having been airlifted. Their injuries are all said to be non-life-threatening though.

Four of the people involved are in their 40s and the other was in their 20s.

Cambridge residents told WCCO the large boom shook their homes and woke them up. One neighbor initially thought it was an intruder.

RoAnn Peterson drove by to see the rubble. She said it was devastating because it’s the neighborhood she grew up in.

“Small town, this is a big deal, real big deal. I’m glad they survived,” Peterson said. “I had my dog out to go to the bathroom and there were just sirens going like crazy. You can tell something major was happening.”

There’s no word on a possible cause as it’s still very early into the investigation.

The State Fire Marshal’s Office is working with the Cambridge Fire Department to determine the cause of the explosion.