Drexel Hill, PA — Four people were rushed to the hospital after they were exposed to carbon monoxide inside a home in Drexel Hill, Pa.

The incident occurred Monday afternoon along the 4200 block of Garret Road.

Fire officials say a family was running their lawnmower in the garage, which caused a high level of carbon monoxide to build up, which seeped into the house.

When officials arrived, they found one family member unconscious, but once they took him outside to get fresh air he regained consciousness.

Two adults and two children were inside at the time, and all were taken to the hospital, officials say.
They’re all doing okay, but fire officials say if the lawnmower was running any longer, the carbon monoxide could have spread to neighboring homes.

“Very scary. Very good people I know,” said Keanita Castle of Drexel Hill. “They’ve been working on gas lines around here, so that’s very scary.”

The fire chief says this family is lucky to be alive.

With the winter season here, the fire chief also took this opportunity to remind residents to never use generators inside.